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Professional Writing Skills VS Amateur Writing Skills

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Professional Writing Skills VS Amateur Writing Skills


“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” –E.L. Doctorow

A renowned American novelist asserted this statement. He was a novelist with profound visions and intricate thoughts. But, at some point of time, he was also in the initial phase of his writing field.

Yes, the writing is an art and a fantasy world of endless thoughts. Those thoughts are painted into a paper in form of words. It is analogous to playing with words and creating a unique and impressive content. Howbeit, to gain mastery in any subject, be it in writing, it needs efforts and time. And, everyone knows…

Practice makes a man perfect…

So, take up your pen or paper or open MS Word and put your vision onto the paper or document.

Despite all the facts and anticipations, no one can overlook the dissimilarities between the professional and amateur writing. They exist and they can be visualized easily. Varying from the usage of vocabulary to the grammar used- every point differs.


Let us find some of the notable diversities between the Amateur or Professional Writing Skills…


5 Contrasting Points between Amateur and Professional Writers


  1. Professionals Reflect on a Spectrum of Possibilities, WHEREAS, Amateurs Want Binary Ideas

A professional writer is a person with a profuse experience and expertise. Once he gets a specific topic to write on, he will increase his vision and then seek for the excellent notes. On the flip side, an amateur, on the same occasion, just wants the minimum options, as for 1 or 2, and is constrained to limited alternatives.


  1. Professionals Say- “Yes with an array of ideas”, WHEREAS, Amateurs Say – “How is it done?”

When it comes to writing a tough note, then amateurs start making irrelevant excuses and ask the way to execute that particular work. While, professionals are ready to take it up as a challenge and present themselves with a multitude of ideas to incorporate in that specific content. offers A+ and unique writing and be prepared to take any sort of assignment.


  1. Professionals Pay Equal Attention to each element, WHEREAS, Amateurs Focus on only Writing

The professionals devote equivalent time and energy to every constituent, such as- sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary usage, how it sounds on reading, pacing factor, writing style, etc. Even, at some instances, they consider the other’s writing too. At the same time, the amateurs just write and submit the content, without giving much preference to any of the writing skills.


  1. Professionals adhere to deadlines, WHEREAS, Amateurs take no responsibility

If it is the matter of professionalism, then the professionals act in accordance with the prefixed time frame and meet the deadlines perfectly. has a panel of professional writers who understand the value of time and complete the assignment on time. On the other surface, the amateurs don’t know the essence of this deadline and don’t want to bound in responsibility like factors.


  1. Professionals build the Portfolio, WHEREAS, Amateurs develop the Skills

The professionals are busy in building up their powerful portfolio. After all, they have reached the level of mastery. Although, the writing is an art to practice constantly, but still pros surpass the amateur ones. On the contrary, the amateurs keep enhancing their writing skills. And, for this, they will try their best and try to attain successful writing skills.


At the end of the day, go on with your practice and bridge the gap between an amateur and a professional. Just keep your target to be remembered like a pro, but not noticed like an amateur.