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Cookies play a vital role to improve the usability of the website; these are small files stored on the PC, it helps to identify your visit and preferences saved by you. Such files contain numbers and letters, which are sent from the main server and it takes place on your computer whenever you visit our website. The function of cookies is to restore preferences at the time when you access the website. Cookies help you keep logging in, also help to save the items you ordered, etc. You should know that by using this website, you allow and agree to our cookie, use policy which includes reading cookies on your computer and settings. It is your choice, if you want to disable cookies anytime, you can do it. But it is important to mention here that their function is utmost important to enable certain functionality at In case you want to disable cookies so you can, but it is our duty to mention that we can’t guarantee our website services work properly in this same case. For placing your order by using the order form, you should know that you cannot be able to place orders on this website in case you disable reserves anyrights to use and store cookies to enhance user experience and usability.

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