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Payment Authorization

We practice the payment authorization of the writing orders for the sake of your financial safety. We need to see your documents to match the requested information. This is our reliable way of ensuring that your credit card information hasn’t been stolen and you’re allowed to make purchases online. For the authorization procedure, you need to provide us with the information of your credit card and identity document.

  • Take the card through which you want to place the order. We need to see the last 4 digits on the card along with the cardholder’s name, the card’s type and the issuing bank. Your full card number, the CVV code or the expiry date is not required at all. Take a picture with your phone, camera or use scanners for the photo of the card. You can hide the non-required information when you’re taking the picture.
  • After that, take the identity document, which can be your driving license, national ID, library card, student card or passport and take the picture of that too. For this card, we need to see your full name and the country on your ID.
  • After taking the photos of both cards, send us to us. You can use email or directly upload to your section ‘authorization’ in the admin control panel.

We will check and match the provided details and will let you know about the authorization results. The billing details gathered from the payment system are matched with the information provided on the ID and the credit card. The authorization is done and the payment is understood to be made by the rightful owner if every step goes correctly. Due to the fact that we provide best essay writing service, a strict procedure has to be performed to protect the buyer’s personal details and the submitted payment from any sort of fraud or identity theft. In this way, the risks of financial crimes and unauthorized access to the customer’s data are minimized.