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Privacy Policy

We are serious about our clients’ privacy, so we want to let them know that what kind of information we collect from them and how it is gathered. This document is intended to regulate our behavior with our clients in the respect of the usage of the site and the concerned services.

Personally Identifiable Information:

We gather your personal information when we want you to fill any forms or questionnaires, identify your personality and communicate with you. All of this information is collected with your prior explicit consent.

For the sake of providing best essay writing service best essay writing service, we want you to tell us some of your information, which may include, but not limited to, your contact number, email ID, a copy of your national ID or driver’s license and certain details on your credit card. The email ID you provide is used to send you updates or notifications concerning the completion of your order or clarification of any issues or misunderstandings. The national ID or credit card details are required for the payment authorization. Also, the notifications of specified offers, discounts or promotion material may also be sent to you via your contact number or email. When a client asks the company to “write my essay”, he or she has to provide the above mentioned details.

Please note that we do not collect any other relevant or irrelevant information that you do not want to expose. We don’t reveal or collect information that concerns your political views, ethnic origin, racial background, philosophical beliefs, your mental or physical condition, criminal convictions and such.

Non-identifiable Information:

Along with the personal information, there are other kinds of details that are also gathered for the purposes of observing your activities on your website, tracking your transactions and learning how often you visit The information that is automatically obtained whenever you visit includes your operating system, access time and browser type. Aside from these, we also place cookies on your server for achieving the info about the visits to our site.