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Revision Policy

We do try our very best in providing the prime quality assistance with your academic writing and journaling. However, we also understand the fact that sometimes we may not get completely understand your requested order and so we always offer to revise your text material if it doesn’t fulfill your specifications or expectations. We have the greatest writers of all time, who are willing to learn from their mistakes, but they try not to mess up in first place.

Therefore, there are some rules for the revisions as we work hard and make sure that it is properly paid off. Here are the points of our revision policy.

  • We have a Department of Quality Assurance that checks whether your new instructions support the initial ones or contradict them. Therefore, for you, it is important that the revision instructions do not go against the previous instructions. If they do, the request for revision would be rejected as the initial instructions would be considered to have been fulfilled or satisfied.
  • You can submit the request for revision before approving the answered material. In case if the material provided to you is not clearly seen for technical problems or some other reason, you can always contact our Customer Support Representatives to ask for the alternative material. Also, if you’ve already approved your order, but it still needs the revision, then again you should contact our Customer Support Representatives along with your revision instructions and a proper time frame. Remember that the appropriate time frame is important as failing to do so will not get the order being sent for revision.
  • Whenever the order is delivered, the client has 7 days to ask for the revision before pressing the ‘Approve’ button. If the order is of more than 20 pages, the free revision is provided after the revision request approval.
  • If your revision request satisfies the conditions that are listed above, the first 3 revisions are done for free and you are allowed to write as many instructions for revision as necessary.